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    Rehabilitation & Bodywork Services

    Each session is designed to be a comprehensive look at your horse's body and work routine. The initial assessment Includes:

    Standing evaluation of conformation & muscle development

    A bodywork session, restoring alignment and range of motion to the horse

    Therapeutic/Conditioning exercises recommended

    Tack and equipment fit evaluated

    The horse is observed under saddle                                                                          


    Subsequent  bodywork sessions                                                              $125.00

    Additional Services

    Kinesio Taping Session                                                                              $35.00

    Creation of Theraband Lounging system                                               $25.00

    Cold Laser Therapy                                                                                     $45.00


    Hoof Care   

    Trims (rates vary by location)                                                           $75- 95.00

    Boot Fitting and Sales

    Prices depend on model, I carry Easycare boots. $155-200 per pair depending on model. Most boots last 2-5 years and are light weight and easy to use.

    Hoof Castings

    Pricing depends on materials used. Fiberglass casts can be applied with glue and can be used to treat foundered/laminitic horses.                                                                                                                                               $180-275.00


    Composite Shoeing                                            

    Prices vary based on materials used and whether its fronts only or all 4 feet. 

                                                                                         $325- 550.00 


    * Lame horses will not be evaluated until after Veterinary examination and diagnosis.