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    Megan and Roxie 2015-2017

      Ann has been trimming my horse,Aurora, for the last 2 years.  She also helped me with a strengthening program to rehab my horse, Roxie, after a hind limb injury.  Both horses have made notable progress in how they move and their willingness to work as a result.  I have been impressed by Ann's attention to detail,  breadth of knowledge, and sincere concern for the well being of the horses and people with whom she works.  I can't thank her enough for getting my girls back on track.

    -Megan Lowry




     Mira and Lotte 2016-2017


    I want to say thank you to Ann Ramsey, who has given me invaluable advice, knowledge and tools to help my horse, Lotte. My trakehner mare has a few issues, including neck arthritis, kissing spine, pedal osteitis, and some navicular changes to her right front. After months of careful care and rehabilitation she is now serviceably sound! I have her in training and I ride her myself several times a week in the arena and out on the trail. Ann helped me coordinate a "team of professionals"; Lotte needed skilled, careful rehabilitation and maintenance and Ann was always in lock step with the veterinarian, farrier and my trainer. I am very grateful for her help and guidance and so is Lotte! 

    -Mira Underwood



    Audra and Emily 2017 


    I'd like to thank Ann Ramsey for her amazing work with Emily, a hot TB mare. When I started riding her about a year ago, she had a hard time stepping under and using her hind quarters. She would get frustrated during training and would have difficulty balancing herself and felt generally insecure. 

    Ann recommended changes to her hoof care, gave me exercises to strengthen her back, core and hind legs and did wonderful bodywork on her. Since then Emily has been moving so differently, really stepping under and she's so much happier. I now feel I can do a lot more with Emily and progress in our training. I would definitely recommend Ann's services. She has such an amazing amount of knowledge and skill set and is definitely a great asset to any horse's training program. So this is really a special thank you to her... 

    Thank you Ann!

    -Audra Morin




    Ann, Thank you so much for taking your time and speaking with the Bay Area Equine Vet Camp. The students enjoyed learning about rehabilitation of horses and keeping them sound and healthy. We hope you can come back and work with us again next year as a mentor.

      Thank You,

    -Taylor Alyssa Lai, Bay Area Equine Vet Camp


    Rebecca and PJ 2016

    I have used Ann Ramsey for barefoot trimming and body work evaluations, and she does a fantastic job. She takes the time to explain what I need to know and answer all of my questions without rushing through the information. She also backs everything with peer reviewed scientific papers which gives me confidence in her knowledge and practices. Ann has helped me strengthen my horse through ground work, stretches, and exercises under saddle. Since my first consultation with her, my horse has greatly improved his hoof integrity and athleticism.

     -Rebecca Brundidge,  UC Davis Animal Science Major


    Pam and Sydney


    Over the last few years  my horse has struggled with lameness issues and was given multiple different diagnoses, including Navicular Syndrome in the Rt front. With no solutions found, I was told I would probably never ride my horse again. I tried all the corrective shoeing possible with no results, and figured my last effort would be to try her barefoot. A friend of mine recommended Ann Ramsey and I am so thankful she did! In little time Ann has been able to figure out exactly what my horse needed. With trims, stretching and exercises I am happy to say my horse is once again sound and we are back to enjoying our rides together.

    - Pam Hardy


    Thomas and Dexter

    I rode with Ann Ramsey for over a year and learned many aspects of horsemanship including Jumping and Dressage. Ann is a supportive and enthusiastic teacher. She also pays attention to detail. She furthered my riding greatly.

    -Thomas Hughes, Student



     Susie and DJ


    When I first found Ann Ramsey my horse was severely lame. He could hardly walk. I had been trying everything various farriers had suggested, nothing was helping. I started researching hoof care and different ways to approach the problem which is when I found Ann...perfect timing. She helped me rehab my horse from the inside out--not only did he benefit from being barefoot and a correct trim, but she helped me understand that its all connected. His feet were sore yes but is was a whole horse approach to fixing him, which I could not have done with out Ann Ramsey.

    -Susie Brillault